Level 2 Hairdressing – Beginners course

The London Hairdressing Academy

Course Overview 

The Level 2 NVQ in Hairdressing is the starting point for all aspiring hairdressers. Classes run 1 day a week at the academy for all theory, exams and practical assessments. Assignments and homework are completed by learners throughout the week via our E-learning platform which can be accessed from home.

This course consists of the following elements in order to achieve your Diploma:
– 5 Exams (in class)
– 10 Assignments 
– A large number of practical assessments on models (in class)

On average learners will spend 5-6 hours a week on none class days completing mandatory photo homework and assignments to be submitted weekly to their lecturer on Google classrooms.

In order to achieve long-term success, it is important for our future stylists to have the strongest educational foundation.

The course is divided into 9 Modules covering all of the units needed to provide you with a fast track to hairdressing success. You shall receive guidance and be mentored by your tutor during your work sessions; theory and practical assignments.

Classes Run 1 day a week at The LHA. Tutors will assess your progress at regular intervals along with a personal appraisal at the end of each stage to ensure you are achieving your set learning goals required by The LHA. Students will spend the remainder of the week spending on average 5 hours completing mandatory photo homework and assignments to be submitted weekly by the set deadline. 


NEXT TERM STARTING: March 2024 to July 2024

Duration: 18 weeks Intensive programme (not including study weeks) 
Where: The LHA 85 Stanmore Hill, Stanmore HA7 3DZ
Next Term dates:
(Group 1) – Starting Monday 16th Sept 2024 – Feb 3rd 2025 
(Group 2) – Starting Tuesday 17th Sept 2024 – Feb 4th 2025 
(Please note, the 1 day a week assigned will remain as your fixed class day) 
Attendance: 100% attendance is compulsory on this programme, missed classes will result in removal from the programme.
Teaching hours: 9:30 am to 7:30 pm.

Tuition Fee’s

We offer our students a variety of payment options for our Level 2 courses. Please refer to the information below for further details.

PRIVATE Tuition Fee 

We offer competitive course tuition fee’s, all learners are able to enrol onto our level 2 courses paying privately for their course tuition. 

(£2,850 Tuition fee does not include learner registration fees and kits)

All Payments are to be made in full before the course start date by the deadline set by the enrolment department. To enrol please complete your expression of interest form found at the top of this page.


Funded Tuition

A Funding amount of £3,345 is available towards your tuition fee for learners who meet all 4 of the following criteria:

1. Adult learners aged 19 and over (must be aged 19 before August 31st 2024).
2. First time enrolling onto a Level 2 NVQ, (Learners who have studied a level 2 NVQ in hairdressing / beauty or any other subject at a previous academy/college, whether the programme was completed or not are not eligible for funding). 
3. Either unemployed, receiving benefits, or earning no more than £21,000 (before tax) per anum. 
4. Residing in London.

Please note: A £500 refundable deposit is required. Learners who leave the programme prematurely will be required to pay back the funded amount to The Mayor of London Funding Department and will not be entitled to a refund of deposit and tuition fee. Learners who apply and start the programme falsely declaring meeting all 4 funding requirements will not be entitled to a refund of the deposit & reg fee along with removal from the programme.

Registration Fee

Both Funded and Private students are required to pay a none refundable registration fee before the course start date in order to be enrolled on to the VTCT examination and governing body, registration fees also cover fee’s towards covid19 award, portfolio and programme log books.

(Please note: registration fee’s do not include kits and must be purchased separately).




Course Modules

All students shall be completing the following modules:

  1. Shampoo, condition and treat the hair and scalp
  2. Cut hair using basic techniques
  3. Style and finish hair
  4. Set and dress hair
  5. Change hair colour
  6. Give customers a positive impression of yourself and your organisation
  7. Advise and consult with clients
  8. Ensure responsibility for actions to reduce risks to health and safety
  9. Promote additional services or products to customers

(Note: Students must be at least 19 years of age before August 31st to apply for this course through the Funding route. For your NVQ qualification, you will be formally assessed throughout your course and your knowledge will be tested throughout by exams, practical’s, oral questioning and assignments).

For more information on how the programme is delivered please visit our course delivery section by clicking the button below.

Kit Contents

Example of Kit contents:

  1. 4-Wheeled Trolley Bag
  2. Brushes
  3. Combs
  4. Professional Hairdryer 
  5. Curling Wand And Straightener
  6. Clips
  7. Cutting And Thinning Scissors
  8. Apron
  9. Cutting Collar
  10. 3x Model Training Heads For In Class

    Should learners not be able to complete practical homework on models additional blocks may need to be purchased for at home use.

    A full kit list with buying links will be provided after receiving acceptance onto the programme. 

Next Term dates

We run two terms per year with the August period closed for the summer holidays, Each term commences in September & March

2024 Term Dates:

MARCH 2024 – AUGUST 2024



All learners for Level 2 courses are required to purchase their kit that they will bring to every class. A Kit list with website links will be sent to all enrolled students.

Kits will be used in class, at home for practising set homework & after graduating when working on clients. 

Students are required to purchase their own kit before the course start date, The LHA will send a full kit list with links to all candidates.