Level 3 Hairdressing – Advanced

The London Hairdressing Academy

The London Hairdressing Academy

New Term Starting: September 2020

Duration: 20 weeks (excluding half term)

Where: 85 Stanmore Hill, Stanmore HA7 3DZ.

When: Learners will attend 1 day a week from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm.

Course OVerview

The Level 3 NVQ in Hairdressing is designed for learners looking to further their current cutting, colour, styling and management knowledge.

The course is divided into 9 Modules covering all of the units needed to provide you with a fast track to hairdressing success. You shall receive guidance and be mentored by your tutor during your work sessions; theory and practical assignments.

Tutors will assess your progress at regular intervals along with a personal appraisal at the end of each stage to ensure you are achieving your set learning goals required by The LHA.


Students will benefit from a variety of enrichment including in-class visits from top brands, days out to events such as salon international and in-class master classes.

We also arrange an annual 3-day trip to Wella Paris workshops for our learners to experience the differences between the hairdressing industry in the UK & Paris.


All learners for Level 2 and Level 3 are required to bring their kit to every class.

Learners can order their kits from The LHA which can be taken with them at the end of the course. Alternatively, kits can be bought from their own source.

See below for more information:

Course Modules

1. Creatively cut hair using a combination of techniques

2. Colour hair using a variety of techniques

3. Provide colour correction services

4. Creatively style and dress hair

5. Creatively dress long hair

6. Promote additional services or products to customers

7. Monitor procedures to safely control work operations

8. Provide hairdressing consultation services

9. Contribute to the planning and implementation of promotional activities

(Note: Students must be at least 19 years of age to apply for this course. For your NVQ qualification, you will be formally assessed throughout your course and your knowledge will be tested throughout by exams, practical oral questioning and assignments).

View our Course Delivery page for detailed information on The LHA teaching standards and student requirements.

Kit Contents

Learners are required to bring their kit to every class, kit contents must consist of the following items:
-Selection of round Brushes

1. Tail Comb

2. Cutting Comb

3. Paddle Brush

4. Round brushes – Small 25mm, Medium 43mm & Large 50mm

5. Hair dryer (with nozzle and diffuser)

6. Curling Tong

7. Hair Straightener

8. Section Clips

9. Scissors (5-inch scissors)

10. Apron

11.Cutting cape

12. Cutting Collar

13. x 2 – Model Block Heads, at least 22-inch Hair length (real hair, not synthetic)

14. Tripod Floor stand for model heads (to be used in class and at home)

Tuition Fee’s

We offer our students a variety of payment plans for our Level 2 and Level 3 Hairdressing courses. Tuition fee can be paid for privately, funded or via the student loan company for Level 3 courses. Please refer to the information below for further details.

Funded Tuition

Funding is available for all learners who meet the following criteria:

• Aged 19+
• UK citizen or has British residency for a minimum of 3 years
• First time enrolling onto a funded level 3 course
• Math’s and English Qualification

Private Tuition Fee


Learners who do not meet the Advanced learner loan requirements may still enrol on to our level 3 courses via private tuition fee.

Registration Fee


Both Funded and Private students are required to pay a registration fee before the course start date in order to be enrolled on to the programme and receive their uniforms.

Student Loan Company

Student Loan is available for all learners who meet the following criteria:

• Aged 19+ and either unemployed, working no more than 16 hours per week or receiving benefits
• UK citizen or residency for a minimum of 3 years
• Learner must be either unemployed, working no more than 16 hours per week or receiving benefits
• First time applying to the Student Loan Company on a Level 3 course

Please Note:

( Student loans differ from funding)
Student Loan Company: You only start repaying your loan once you’ve graduated and you’re earning more than £21,000 a year.

After that, you’ll pay back 9% of anything you earn over £21,000. So if you’re earning £26,000 a year, you’ll lose £450 in loan repayments.

That means £37.50 will be deducted each month automatically from your salary if you are earning £26,000 a year.