Course Devlivery

The London Hairdressing Academy


1 Day a week 9:30 am to 7:30 pm

E-Learning Classes:

All Students studying on a VTCT NVQ programme are required to access E-classes via Google Classrooms to complete and submit set work from home on non physical class days.

(E-learning is a compulsory part of the course, all learners will be tracked weekly via E-learning, failure to complete the set work can result in removal from the programme).

What does this course involve?

To successfully complete the programme students will be graded and assessed on a range of the following:

• Assignments

• Exams

• Summative Assessments

What will I be studying on Class Days?


Classes will consist of Theory in the morning’s followed by practical sessions after Lunch until evening. Practical classes consist of demonstrations & practice on training blocks, students or real paying clients. Once students have successfully completed training on model heads and blocks they will move on to completing summative assessments on clients.

What does Theory consist of?

Theory lessons will be delivered by each of the programme lecturers to prepare learners for all assignment and examination work providing enough information for all learners to successfully pass all requirements. Theory Material will also be available online for students to refer to throughout the course and after graduation.

What is E-Learning?

All of our Level 2 and Level 3 classes run at The London Hairdressing Academy one day a week, on non class days students are set E-learning work via Google Classrooms that students can access from home.

Students have out of class access to Lecturers and staff for any help needed or questions to ask throughout the programme by using Google Classrooms to interact either publicly or privately.

Practicals: Students will be set weekly practical homework throughout the course which is to be submitted by the end of the week through photo submissions on Google classrooms.

Assignments: All student Assignments for each module will be posted online and when completed will be submitted through google classrooms to the lecturer of the programme.

Resources: All theory taught in class is available on google classrooms as well as exam revision material for students to revise from.

Google classrooms can be accessed online and via mobile app, all notifications are received in real time through app notifications and private emails so students will not miss any important work or announcements.

What are Formative and Summative Assessments?

Formative Assessments – A Practice of practical assessments on students or clients.

Summative Assessments – A Successful and correctly completed practical assessment, consultation sheets will be filed in learners portfolios to evidence a successful summative assessment.

Students will be required to carry out a varied number and range of summative assessments on clients for each unit in order to pass the practical aspect of the programme.